Advanced Water Purification Technologies

Environmental Water Solutions

Advanced Water Purification Technologies

Imagine the worst water contamination, something so awful you couldn't even think of drinking. Now imagine a company that can not only treat that water, but make it so clean, free of any type of bacteria and impurities that you are willing to drink it worry free.  Environmental Water Solutions does just that, providing a solution to any water problem big or small commercial or residential helping you to become as environmentally resourceful as you and your company can be. Our systems are custom made providing a turn key application for each individual client making it a cost effective, low energy and low maintenance solution to your worst water problem.

Environmental Water Solutions is an advanced, innovative company with staff having 40 years of research and science dedicated to the reclamation and conservation of water worldwide.  Our systems unlike any others are designed to produce the highest quality of water for any application or governing body.  We believe in our own product and are confident that our systems will not only purify the water for continuous reuse, but will reduce the water usage by almost 100%.

The advanced technology will allow waste and toxic waters to be purified for all types of applications including reused for flushing toilets and openly discharged for irrigation purposes.  A few of these applications include, but are not limited to private yachts, commercial ships, offshore platforms, military applications, hotels, residential tower blocks, commercial buildings, toxic landfill sites, mobile restrooms, showers, laundries, aquariums, lakes, ponds and remote locations to name a few.  There is no water problem Environmental Water Solutions can't handle.  Our talented and professional partners like International Aqua-Tec allow us to take your water problem and turn it into a water solution.

recycle.pngWaste Water Purification

We remove all impurities, toxins, viruses, germs from any water source and produce clean, fresh and pure water. The adapatablility of our self contained systems allows us to tailor make our purification to match your requirments or municipality standards.



Environmental Lake Solutions

Purification of large and small scale lake systems to create clean, healthy sustainable living envrionments without the use of chemicals enanbling the lakes to become the atractive healthy living heart of the community.



Food Waste Treatment

Our systems allow for discarded biodegradeable food waste to be converted into a valuable resource with the ability to be digested the waste and turne it back into water and a fuel source which can be reused to power the treatment plant.



Aqu-Tech Solutions

Environmental Water Solution provids turn key filtration systems for aquariums, fish farms and marine aquaculture maintaining the perfect healthy enviroment for your aquatic life.


recycle.pngMilitary Applications

Specialized self contained showers and restroom facilities are being made for military use in remote places.  These unique facilities have been very successful with the United States Army by reusing gray and black water, recycling into pure and clean water that can be used and reused.



Industrial and Toxic Waste Treatment

Removal of toxic contaminated waste from industrial out flow leaving a clean water resorce to be re-used by the facility.