Other Projects

IAT have extensive experience in the design, installation and operation of our “Bluewater” high quality Water Recirculation Systems across a wide range of applications and countries. The company has 'in-house' expertise in system design, economics, CAD drawing, equipment manufacture, installation and commissioning, and will normally train end users in system operation.

Exeter University Research Facility


IAT were contracted by Midas Interiors to design, build, install, and commission 19 seperate Life Support Systems. The project involves creating a state-of-the-art aquarium facility and laboratories for research on ecotoxicology, cell biology and molecular genetics.

Hong Kong Wetlands


IAT were contracted by Beck Interiors to design and build the Life Support Systems and exhibit lighting for Hong Kong Wetlands Park.

This comprised of four separate freshwater systems, approximately 120 channels of lighting, and a fogging / misting facility. The equipment was all installed in very compact plantrooms behind the exhibits.

Golden Odyssey


IAT were contracted by Issham International to design and build a Life Support System to support live coral on a private yacht. Although there was only a single exhibit tank, the project was particularly difficult due to the lack of space available for the IAT equipment.

Once again IAT’s bespoke engineering design service came up with solutions and the final result was another project to be proud of.

Swimming Pool


IAT were contracted to design and build a water treatment facility for a seawater swimming pool. The outdoor location of the pool, coupled with the intense middle east sun, called for a new process for water treatment.

IAT provided a unique ingenious solution, that has proven to give excellent results for the owner.