Water Treatment/Reclamation & Purification System

We have developed a solution to remove high levels of deadly parasites and infectious bacteria, many of which are not found when testing for fecal coliform in the water. Even on a much smaller scale, Environmental Water Solutions Technologies equipment can maintain a clean, non chemical swimming pool that is environmentally friendly.

Environmental Water Solutions Technologies water filtration units are designed to remove deadly chemicals and parasites ranging from Anthrax, and other biological warfare chemicals, to Legionella and Cryptosporidiosis, or Cryptosporidium (known as Crypto) from drinking water. Legionella is impervious to UV disinfection as well as Silver Iodine. Crypto is highly resistant to chlorine disinfection unless dosed with levels higher than allowed by EPA in drinking water. Our system will remove these chemicals and parasites when commonly used practices will not. Many high levels of parasites and deadly man-made chemicals are not normally tested in drinking water.

“Boil Water” alerts are sometimes not issued until after a problem is found. Environmental Water Solutions filtration will eliminate the need to boil your water.

Environmental Water Solutions Water Treatment Systems are capable of producing THOUSANDS OF TONS of drinking water per day from seawater, contaminated streams, rivers, ponds, lakes, or almost any ground water.

We also offer cost effective water recycling solutions for vitually any requirement including commercial and industrial applications, residential compounds and Hotels treating any waste water to the standard and purity required by the client.