Toxic Landfill Leachate water purification

Environmental Water Solutions Technologies was invited to impement a pilot program for the removal of the high PFC levels in a Decatur Alabama Landfill. PFOA and PFOS levels were the main chemicals the landfill was trying to eliminate from its leachate. PFOA and PFOS are commonly used perfluorinated chemicals (PFC’s) and are considered carcinogens by the EPA.

Billion Dollar Corporations had spent millions of dollars in their efforts to economically remove perfluorinated chemicals from this Landfill without success.

The Environmental Water Solutions pilot program proved successful. In June of 2010, Environmental Water Solutions Technologies was awarded the contract to build a permanent, onsite facility, to remove the perfluorinated chemicals (PFC’s) from their Leachatte. The EPA will be monitoring this site in order to possibly set new standards for the removal of PFC’s Nationwide. PFC levels have been reduced to PPB & PPT (Parts Per Billion & Trillion), thus creating reusable water from the landfill leachate.

The EPA have since passed a new regulation to have all drinking water tested for PFC contamination.