Enviwater Water Solutions partners with International Aqua Tech (IAT). IAT Life Support Systems are at the heart of many of the worlds greatest public and private aquaria. IAT have an enviable reputation as a leader in the Life Support System design and installation. Energy efficient designs and minimal topup requirements have been key to IAT’s technology developments over the years. We are justifiably proud of our achievements in building landmark facilities.

The Deep


IAT have now completed two separate projects at The Deep. The first project was for the design and build package for a full recirculation and effluent recovery systems to support a series of different exhibits. The project utilises IAT super-skimmer technology with a main system volume of over 2000m3. There are also several smaller specialised exhibit systems from 5-200 m3 and a series of quarantine systems along with IAT’s own SCADA package.

The second, and more recent project, was a design and build package for ‘The Twilight Zone’. Equipment supplied was used to provide Life Support for the main coldwater exhibit of approximately 200m3 and a number of smaller exhibits.

Shanghai Ocean World


IAT won the contract to build Shanghai Ocean World. This was a full turnkey project for the complete delivery of a 3100m³ aquarium facility incorporating a 2500m³ shark exhibit, approximately 1000m² of freshwater exhibits, a polar penguin exhibit, and a quarantine facility.

IAT designed and managed all of the specialist packages such as rockwork, acrylic, audio-visual, ticketing, facility lighting, and livestock supply. IAT also provided overall project management and curatorial services for the initial phase of opening.

Burj Al Arab


IAT were contracted to supply ‘Bluewater’ Life Support Systems for a marine aquarium within the worlds only 7* hotel. Three separate 200m³ per hour recirculation system modules service three main fish and invertebrate exhibits, with the largest being approximately 300m³.

A Seawater intake sterilisation system, four quarantine systems, pH control system, and a full SCADA system were also included. The Plantroom is some 18m below tank water level.

Rotterdam Zoo Oceanium


Rotterdam Zoo Oceanium :: A full design and build package for various recirculation systems to support a series of fish and sea mammal/bird exhibits. Main exhibits total volume was over 9000m³. Also several smaller specialised exhibit systems and a series of quarantine systems, along with a very sophisticated effluent recovery system complimented by a full SCADA system for overall system monitoring and control.