Aquaculture has always been an integral part of IAT’s core business. Over the last 15 years IAT have built and operated Bluewater systems successfully producing Sea Bass, Gilthead Bream, Salmon, Turbot, and Halibut amongst others. IAT’s commitment to technology and research has provided the industry with very efficient solutions and spectacular facilities.

Selonda UK Bass Farm


Presently in its first full cycle of production, this world class facility is IAT’s most recent masterpiece. Built in Wales, the facility provides treated water at 9000m³ per hour and has the very latest in technology to support very high stocking densities.

All tanks and equipment are housed within an insulated portal frame building and are engineered to provide the greatest efficiencies available. This project is a landmark project in the world of Aquaculture, and is attracting massive global interest.

Hjalteyri Halibut Hatchery

IAT won the contract to design and build a recirculation system for Halibut in Iceland. The Life Support System had a flow rate of 200m³/hour and included protein skimming, UV disinfection, ozone control, and biological filtration. As part of a technology transfer deal IAT received shares in the company to the value of approximately 8%.

AQWA Facility

IAT were contracted to design and build an experimental research facility at Swansea University in Wales. This comprised of two 100m³/hour fish systems with parameters variable from low temperate to tropical conditions, a quarantine system, central services, SCADA supervisory facility, photo-period lighting system, and a HVAC system.